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/ Rural ambiance © Aleksey Kasyanov –Yahad-In Unum During the interview © Aleksey Kasyanov –Yahad-In Unum Ivan G., born in 1928, showed to the Yahad team where the Jews were shot. © Aleksey Kasyanov –Yahad-In Unum Elena T., born in 1931, remembered that the Jews were killed in a black box, there  was a ladder for the old people so that they could get in. © Aleksey Kasyanov –Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Bezlesnyy

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Witness interview

Ivan G.remembered: "We went to work very early and our team was working just besides this area... The Jews were crying and we, the boys, decided to go and take a look... We passed through a small ravine and approached up to about 500 m. They were up there, and we were standing in the ravine... We listened... They were crying, while they were being shot... and then then next day, it was the same... on the third day, too… They didn’t kill them all at once, but gradually..." (Witness N°314, interviewed in Bezleznyy, on June 8, 2012).

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Holocaust by bullets in figures

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