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/ Typical landscape of Kamyanka ©David Merlin – Dufey – Yahad – In Unum Before the interview  ©David Merlin – Dufey – Yahad – In Unum Iekaterina V. saw the Jewish column at night. One group of Jews were killed, she remembers hearing the bursts©David Merlin – Dufey – Yahad – In Unum Road to the execution site ©David Merlin – Dufey – Yahad – In Unum Witness on the location of the execution site © David Merlin-Dufey - Yahad - In Unum Execution site © David Merlin-Dufey - Yahad - In Unum

Execution of Jews in Kamyanka

2 Execution site(s)

Period of occupation:

Witness interview

Yekaterina Vasilievna T.recalls: "It was towards the village of Kamyanka that I saw the column. The Jews had been locked up in the stables beside the shop. Those were the Jews who were working on the roadway. Other Jews, who had been locked up in their houses, were shot behind the hill." (Witness N°914, interviewed in Kamyanka on May 25, 2010).

Historical note

Before the Second World war, Kamianka was a settlement, mostly inhabited by Jews and Germans. There were also several Russian families, which arrived during the 30’s. There were three kolkhozes: one Ukrainian, one German and one Jewish, where the majority of the community was working. The synagogue was destroyed under Soviet rules, before the start of WWII. 

Holocaust by bullets in figures

At the arrival of the Germans, the Jews were persecuted. The German forces parked them with the Local police in a ghetto. It was a opened ghetto, which consisted of several houses. The first Jews killed were the elderly people and the children. It seems that they were shot near the stank. According to Pitro V. (Witness N°915), the execution site was located in Novopodilske at 7 km from Kamianka. 

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