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/ Rural ambiance © Victoria Bahr – Yahad – In Unum The old Jewish cemetery where the families of the Jews murdered in Pavoloch errected the monuments in their memory © Victoria Bahr – Yahad – In Unum Anton G., born in 1930: “The Germans pushed each Jew in the back with a sub-machine gun, towards the edge of the pit and fired at him.” © Victoria Bahr - Yahad – In Unum Team during the interview on the ground © Victoria Bahr – Yahad - In Unum A witness points to the execution site. During the Soviet era, a warehouse was built at the site, but there are only ruins today.  ©Victoria Bahr - Yahad- In Uum

Execution of Jews in Khodorkiv

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Witness interview

Anton G., born in 1930, recounts: “The Germans held the dogs so they wouldn’t bite the Jews. The Jews walked and if somebody couldn’t walk, he was pushed with a machine gun. But there were only the elderly, women and children who were shot this day, because the young were taken to the farm for forced labor, 5km away from Khodorkiv. They had to harvest the beets. Once, the work was finished, they were also shot. But, I guess it was in 1942.” (Eyewitness N°1728, interviewed in Khodorkiv, on June 6, 2013).

Historical note

Khodorkiv is located 48 km southwest of Zhytomyr. Before the war, 453 Jews lived there. Writer Oyslender Nohum, born in 1893, lived here. The majority of Jews lived off of small trade but there were also artisans among them. The territory was occupied by the Germans on July 12, 1941. By this time, some Jews had managed to evacuate to the East and the Jewish men were enrolled in the army.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

From the historical sources and Yahad’s research, we know that the anti-Jewish Aktions began in the summer of 1941, one month after the Germans’ arrival. During the first Aktion, conducted on August 10, 1941, 19 Jewish men were arrested and shot. From September to October, all the remaining Jews, mostly the elderly, children and women were confined to the ghetto, located in the kolkhoz “Vidrodzhennya.” During their detainment, the Jews were subjected to different kinds of forced labor. They were shot during the execution carried out on October 15, 1941, not far from the kolkhoz. For further information about the execution in Vidrodzennya please refer to the profile of the Vidrodzhennya village


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