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/ Maria Zh., born in 1926: “The well was very deep. First, the Jews were thrown into the well alive and they drowned”.© Kate Kornberg/Yahad-In Unum Tetiana P., born in 1930, remembered that there were no Jews in the village. Many Jews lived in Zlatopil. They were merchants and used to buy products  at the market.© Kate Kornberg/Yahad-In Unum Ivan O., born in 1928:"The Jews were put in a barn. When I went there later, I saw pulled out hair, broken teeth, photos torn up and a lot of blood everywhere." © Kate Kornberg/Yahad-In Unum The plan of the execution site of Jews near Lystopadove village.© Yahad-In Unum Yahad team on the execution place with the witness Ivan O. © Kate Kornberg/Yahad-In Unum The execution site of 183 Jews near the village of Lystopadove. © Kate Kornberg/Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews from Novomyrhorod in Lystopadove

1 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before:
Well in the field
Period of occupation:
1941 - 1944
Number of victims:

Witness interview

Tetiana P., born in 1930, remembered: «One day all the Jews were killed. Some of them were shot near the tractor station and thrown into the well. When I went there after the shooting I could see people’s bodies moving. There were clothes and underwear everywhere. Some of them were taken to Grusheviy Yar; it is a big ravine where also 2 wells were situated. They took them during the night and everyone in the village was awake because of the women and children’s screaming». (Testimony n°2016, interviewed in Lystopadove, on April 7, 2016 )

Soviet archives

« There were Jews from Zlatopol; there were elderly people, children, and civilians among them. The Jews were suffocated and taken to a well in Zlatopol, thrown into and covered with soil. In January, 1942, the 2nd group of Jews were exterminated the same way. 214 Jews were held and thrown into the same well. One group of them was killed and the second group was thrown in alive. The 3rd group consisting of 183 Jews were transported to the village of Lystopadove, located 1 km away from Zlatopol. The Germans forced the Jews to undress, shot them, and threw into the well. The children were thrown onto the wall of barn. [The report on the interrogation made by the State Extraordinary Commission on August 29, 1944 in Zlatopol. Fond 7021, Opis 66, Delo 123]

Historical note

Lystopadove is located about 72 km south from Kirovohrad and 8 km south from Novomyrhorod. According to the witness there were no Jews in the village, the Jews lived in Zlatopil about 5km north from Lystopadove. Since 1959 Zlatopil became the part of Myrhorod. Back then it was a village located 5km away from Novomyrhorod where 80% of the population living in the village was Jewish. The records about the first Jewish community in Novomyrhorod date back to the middle and the end of 18th century. By 1897, 1,622 Jews lived in Novomyrhorod which is less than 20% of total population. The majority of them worked in small trade businesses and handcraft. There was a synagogue and a Jewish school in the village. Some Jews worked in the pharmacy, there were teachers and lawyers among them. According to the witness, in 1939 under the Soviet order the synagogue was burned.  Due to two pogroms conducted in 1919, and Jews relocating to bigger cities, the Jewish population dropped. During the pogrom in May 1919, 200 Jews were killed and their shops and houses were looted. On the eve of the war, only 315 Jews lived in Novomyrhorod (13% of the total population) and 1,047 in Zlatopil, comprising only 26% of the total population. The town was occupied by Germans on August 1-2, 1941. About 10-15% of the prewar Jews managed to flee to the East by that time.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

In May 1942, a group of 183 Jews were arrested in Zlatopil and brought to the village of Lystopadove, located 1km away. There were 3 trucks of women, men and children inside. According to the witness, a group of Jews were thrown into the well alive and drowned. A second group of Jews were forced to undress, shot and thrown into the well. The children were thrown against the wall of a barn alive.  There were several shooting of Jews in the town of Novomyrhorod and the surrounding area.

 For more information about the executions of Jews from Novomyrhorod and Zlatopil, please, refer to the corresponding profiles.

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