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/ Nina P., born in 1935: “A gas van circulated through the village streets. People said the Germans killed the Jews in there.”© Cristian Monterroso/Yahad-in Unum Nikolay G., born in 1929: “I saw two pits dug besides the road. People said the Jews were killed there. ” © Cristian Monterroso/Yahad-in Unum In this building the Germans established their kommandantur © Cristian Monterroso/Yahad-in Unum The witness shows Yahad’s team the road where two pits were dug. © Cristian Monterroso/Yahad-in Unum It is likely that the Jewish refugees were killed and buried at this place, in two anti-tank trenches. © Cristian Monterroso/Yahad-in Unum

Execution of Jews in Novozavedennoye

1 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before:
Anti-tank trench in a field
Period of occupation:
Number of victims:

Witness interview

Nina P., born in 1935, recalls: “A “dushegubka” (gas van) circulated through the village streets. People said the Germans killed the Jews there. The locals offered the Jews to take their children to save them, but nobody accepted it. Later the bodies of poisoned Jews were buried in the antitank trenches dug between Novozavedennoye and Soldato-Aleksandrovskoye.” (Testimony n°574 interviewed in Novozavedennoye on October 24th, 2015)

Historical note

Novozavedennoye is situated 190 km south-east of Stavropol. It was founded in 1784 by the settlers from the Voronezh province. According to the historical resources, at the end of 19th century there were about 3,000 residents, 495 homesteads, a school, 7 shops, 2 water mills, 3 smithies, 5 creameries, 3 drinking establishments and a wholesale store. By the beginning of the 20th century it became a large peasant village with 5,800 inhabitants according to the census of 1914. However the local Jews were not numerous. They lived off small-scale trade and handcraft. Many Jewish refugees arrived to the village in July-August 1941.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

Novozavedennoye was occupied by the German troops in August of 1942. A lot of Jews from Leningrad, Mariupol and Georgiyevsk were evacuated to Novozavedennoye in July –August 1941. They stayed within the local villagers and worked in the kolkhoz. When the Germans arrived they immediately installed their Kommandantur and created the police.  All the Jews were exterminated straight after the occupation. It remains unclear how the Jews were murdered, but from the witnesses’ accounts we believed that some died while transportation in gas vans and their corpses were thrown in an antii-tank ditch while others were shot dead at the edge of the two pits dugs on the side of the road. The exact number of victims remains unknown as well.

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