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/ Yekatierina B., born in 1930:” The victims were tortured at the police post. They put a red-hot barbed wire on the chest. We saw the traces during the exhumation.”    © Aleksey Kasyanov  /Yahad-In Unum Yahad-In Unum team with the witness at one of the execution sites in Nyzhnyohirskyi.  © Aleksey Kasyanov  /Yahad-In Unum The building of the Gestapo headquarters and the Kommandantur  © Aleksey Kasyanov  /Yahad-In Unum The building where the police post was located.    © Aleksey Kasyanov  /Yahad-In Unum Execution site on the outskirts of Nyzhnyohirskyi where up to 20 people were shot including one Jew.  © Aleksey Kasyanov  /Yahad-In Unum Former territory of Chokrak hamlet where 53 Jews were killed and thrown in wells. Today it is an orthodox cemetery.  © Aleksey Kasyanov  /Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Seytler

2 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before:
Well (1); Field(2)
Period of occupation:
Number of victims:
Over 50

Witness interview

Yekatierina B., born in 1930s: “There were some Jewish families we knew, one Krymchak woman who was a doctor. She treated my husband after the war, because she manaed to hide and survived the occupation. The Jews were shot in one day in the hamlet where a today orthodox cemetery is located. Some were sent to the concentration camps in Dzhankoy. I remember how one Jewish family was transported on a truck and how a 9-year-old Krymchak girl jumped off and died on impact. There was another Jew shot. He was married to a Russian girl. The Germans shot mercilessly. I don’t know why they hated the Jews..”(Witness N°1666, interviewed in Nyzhnyogirskyi, on May 9, 2013).

Soviet archives

“In the district of Seytler, in all the examined places where the bodies were buried in the course of over two years and a half, the German fascist invaders tortured, executed and shot more than 900 civilians and prisoners of war including 600 victims in the anti-tank trenches southwest of the village.[…]
b) in the well of a former smokehouse there are 50 victims, according to the testimonies;[…]
d) former hamlet of Chokrak, 150 people
e) On the territory of a tree nursery, in a trench, 18 people.”
[Act of State Extraordinary Commission(ChGK), drawn up May 28, 1944 ; RG.22-002M : Fond 7021, Opis 9, Delo 81]

Historical note

Nyzhnyogirskyi, formerly known as Seytler until 1944, is a village located about 90 km northeast of Simferopol. A Jewish agricultural colony was established there in the 1920s. In the 1930s several Jewish kolkhozes were created around Seytler. The village became the center of a district.  It became home to different nationalities such as Armenians, Greeks, Volksdeutsche (Germans), Crimean Tatars, Bulgarians and Jews. All the children went to a Russian school. On the eve of the war about 82 Jews lived in Seytler. Only few managed to flee the village before the Germans’ arriving.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

Seytler (today Nyzhniohirskyi) was occupied in the November 1941. Shortly after the occupation a police unit of local volunteers was created. Systematically the local population, Jews included, were arrested and tortured at the Gestapo post. The majority of the detainees were executed. Little is known about the exact date of the execution of 53 Jews from Seytler and the surroundings. Some historical sources state that the shooting took place either in late 1941 or in summer 1942. On this day, all the Jews from the town and vicinity received an order to gather under the pretext of the future resettlement. Once gathered, all the Jews were forced into the trucks and taken to the execution site where they were shot in the wells. According to a witness interviewed by Yahad, another execution of 20 people, Jews and non-Jews, took place outside the village in summer 1943. First the victims were tortured and then killed and thrown into a well.

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