Onorivka | Odessa

Execution of Jews in Onorivka

1 Execution site(s)

Investigated by Yahad:
Kind of place before:
a grave
Period of occupation:
Witnesses interviewed:

Witness interview

Witnesses interviewed: 1. (N°1273)
Iekaterina S (N°1273): “I remember that there was a big Jewish man who tried to escape. I think that he used to work in a barn, he began to run in the bushes and he was shot. They killed him and then brought his corpse to the grave. Nobody managed to escape because the whole area was guarded.”

Soviet archives

“On February 15, 1942, Soviet civilians were displaced from Odessa and taken to the village of Onoryvka, in the district of Berezovka. There were 400 and lived for a month in the barns of the village. On March 13, German settlers came and shot 364 people with machine-guns. Some of these people managed to escape. There were little children, women, the elderly and men. They were brought to a hill near the cemetery, where there was a grain pit. The Jews were put in rows and shot.”

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