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/ Eugeniusz K., born in 1931, says: « Two Jewish families, Leibus and Nusynis, as well as one other Jew whom I did not know, were led by the Germans.They were killed.”    © Christian Monterroso  /Yahad-In Unum Execution site of the Jews brought from one of the surrounding villages, according to the witness. (Execution site n°1)  © Christian Monterroso  /Yahad-In Unum One of the numerous execution sites in Polichna where 7 Jews, including the Leibus and Nusyni families, were shot. (Execution site n°2)  © Christian Monterroso  /Yahad-In Unum This place was an empty field at the time. 7-8 people, according to the witness were killed by the Gendarmes and buried here. (Execution site n°3)  © Christian Monterroso  /Yahad-In Unum Eugeniusz K. showing the place where one man killed near a railroad was buried.  © Christian Monterroso  /Yahad-In Unum Yahad-In Unum’ team and a witness at one of the execution sites in Polichna Druga.  © Christian Monterroso  /Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Polichna Druga

4 Execution site(s)

Kind of place before:
Pasture (1); forest(2); field(3)
Period of occupation:
Number of victims:
Up to 40

Witness interview

Eugeniusz K., born in 1931, says: « Two Jewish families, Leibus and Nusynis, as well as one other Jew whom I did not know, were led by the Germans. Nusynis had a daughter named Balka and Leibus had a son Josek. They both went to school with me. They were shot with a machine gun. There was one old woman who had been shot with pistol because she couldn’t walk anymore.”(Testimony n°749, interviewed in Polichna Druga, on October 6, 2017).

Polish Archives

“The Jews from Polichna (among others, two families: Leibus and Nusin, 9 people) were shot at the clearing in the forest near the village of Podlesie. They were taken there on two carts in autumn 1942, in October or November, by the Germans accompanied by the local Granatowa police. The witness remembers having heard submachine guns fire and says that the local police at the time did not have this type of weapons. […] According to the villagers, another execution site is located near a railroad, 500 meters from Polichna. The number of people executed there remains not known, the site is not commemorated.”  [S 19/05/Zn, p. 3164-66, vol. 16]

Historical note

Polichna is a village located about 50 km south of Lublin. According to Yahad’s witness, four or five Jewish families lived in the village before the war. They lived off small scale trade. All the Jewish children went to a Polish school. There was one prayer house.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

The area was occupied by Germans in September 1939. Shortly after that, a local police Granatowa was created. The first shooting was conducted in fall 1942, when two Jewish families were murdered in the forest. According to local witness interviewed by Yahad there were several isolated shootings. Altogether, up to 40 people were murdered in Polichna during the German occupation. Some Jewish families managed to survive having found shelter in locals’ houses.

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