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Execution of Jews in Romanivka

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Witness interview

Nela O., born in 1940, remembers the day when the Jews were brought into her village: “YIU: Maybe you know, how many people were shot here?
W: I don’t know. The trucks arrived all day here. It was not only one truck. All day long, the trucks arrived but I don’t know how they were rounded up.
YIU: Were the Jews brought there in the early morning?
W: They were brought from the morning till the evening for the shooting. The trucks arrived one after another. Once the Jews from one truck were shot, another truck arrived.” (Witness n°257, interviewed in Romanivka, on October 17, 2005)

Historical note

Romanivka is a small village, located 200 km south west of Kyiv.  Before the war there were only Ukrainians who lived in the village. The majority of Jews lived in the nearby chief district of Romaniv (formerly Dzerzhynsk). The village was occupied by German forces in early July, 1941.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

After the liquidation of the ghetto in Romaniv (Dzerzhynsk), carried out in October 1941, there were about 300 Jews living there, mostly specialists and their families. 168 of them were brought from Romaniv in trucks. They were shot in the airfield by the Ukrainian police in early December 1941.  After the shooting, the local men were requisitioned to cover the pit. 

 For more details about the executions in Romaniv please refer to the corresponding profile

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