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Execution of Jews in Snov

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Witness interview

Maria M. evokes: "The Gypsies were brought here from some other village. They were shot too. They were probably living in the synagogue and the Jews were still here at that time." (Witness N°478 interviewed in May 2011)

German archives

"In the forest, one of the Germans chose a site and ordered a pit to be dug, with a deadline set for the next morning once he had given the dimensions that he measured in footsteps. The Germans suggested taking locals to dig the pit. (…) I sent some police officers there to get people. They came back with about thirty people, who dug the pit until the next morning." [Deposition of Pyotr K., chief of the local police in Snov during the war, made in March, 1970, in Minsk, B162-6953]

Historical note

Snov is a village located about 40 km northeast of Baranovichi. There were about 500 Jews residing in the village in 1940. The village was under German occupation from 1941 to 1944.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

In late 1941, a closed ghetto was established in a few houses outside the village. On September 17, 1942, about 1.5 km outside the village, the Jews were shot in a pit that had been dug a few days before. A number of Jews managed to hide during the initial round-up. Three days after the Aktion, however, about 40 Jews who had been found hiding in Snov, were also shot in a forest close to the village. According to Maria M., a witness interviewed by Yahad - In Unum, the Jewish victims had to dig the pit themselves.

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