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/ Rural countryside © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum Grigoriy B., an eyewitness to mass shooting, explaining the details near the killing site © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum Grigoriy B., born in 1928, “After the shooting the Germans stayed in the village to celebrate their “work.” © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum Righteous diploma for Grigoriy B. for having saved the life of two Jewish women © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum Nadezhda K., born in 1926, “One day, in March 1942, the German settlers come here to take all Jews from the houses. They took them in the direction of Berezovka. Jews not able to walk were brought by carts.” © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum Monument made on the initiative and with the help of Grigoriy B. © Aleksey Kasyanov - Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Sofiivka

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Witness interview

Grygoriy B. told us: "During this time the policemen requisitioned local women to cut down the trees in order to make the stakes. Later, using those stakes one surrounded the empty cowsheds. The villagers were working outside all night. They were surrounding the cowsheds with barbed wire first, and then, the whole territory of the village. They were building the ghetto. So, the Jews could circulate throughout the territory of the village, but they could not go out. (Eyewitness N° 1571, interviewed in Sofiivka, on August 13, 2012)

Soviet archives

"The execution took place in the east of the village Sofievka, about one hundred meters from Trofim Virgich’s house, in a hollow. The victims’ bodies (some were just injured), were first covered with hemp and a flammable liquid and burned." [Act drawn up by Soviet extraordinary commission in 1944; RG-22.002M/7021-69/75]

Historical note

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Holocaust by bullets in figures

During the action which took place on March 22, 1942 about 300 Jews were shot by ethnic German militia from Tartakai. According to some sources the Jews shot in Sofiivka were from Odesa.


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