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Execution of Jews in Stolniceni

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Witness interview

Anatoli O. tells: "All of the Jews’ belongings were gathered in the shop building. A sale was organized by the chief of the village. First, all the belongings were brought by cart to the town hall building where they remained for a while. After, they were sold to the villagers. The sale lasted a couple of days and was supervised by a local man, as he owned a shop. But of course, the money from the sale went to the local administration. There were no pieces of furniture, only clothing." (Eyewitness N°107, interviewed in Stolniceni, on May 20, 2013)

Soviet archives

"Two weeks after the arrival of the Romanian forces in the village of Stolniceni, on July 20, 1941, all the Jewish population in number of 28 people were arrested and brought to the Şofrîcani police headquarters, headed by Yachim Vâlcov. After being forced to undress, the men were separated from the women and children and shot near the village of Şofrîcani. They were shot in groups of 4 by the gendarmes of the police post of Şofrîcani. The women with children were executed in Stolniceni, in the place called « Slabaria ». [Act N°32 of the Soviet extraordinary commission, drawn up on January 12, 1945; RG-22.002M.7021-96-82]

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