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Yahad’s team at the execution and burial site of 24 Jews. © Aleksey Kasyanov/Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Tarasa Shevchenka

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Soviet archives

“24 Jews were shot dead by the Gestapo on September 16th, 1941, 600 meters north of Tarasa Shevchenka village.” [Act drawn up by the State Extraordinary Commission; RG 22.002M: 7021-77-413]

Historical note

Tarasa Shevchenka is located 90 km north-east of Kherson. It was created as a Jewish agriculture colony following the policies of Alexander I and Nicholas I to bring the Jews to cultivate the deserted land. At the beginning, the economic situation of the inhabitants of the newly-created colony was difficult due to their lack of agricultural experience. Most of the settlers were peasants, some were artisans. The colony was run by starosta. The Jewish international organizations such as The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Colonization Association played an important role in the development of the local economy by supplying these colonists with agricultural equipment, seeds, and helping them to buy livestock. There is no exact information about how many Jews lived in Tarasa Shevchenka on the eve of the war.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

Tarasa Shevchenka was occupied in late August, 1941. According to the historical resources on September 16th, 1941 24 Jews were shot dead by the Gestapo 600 meters north of Tarasa Shevchenka village. Unfortunately, during the field research Yahad-In Unum could not find any more information.

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