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Members of a Jewish self - defense group (1918-1921) © Ghetto Fighters House / Boris Z., born in 1925 © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s research team during the interview © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum Boris Z. showing from where the German shooters fired © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum Boris Z. reads the inscription on the monument to the Jewish victims © Victoria Bahr - Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Tarashcha

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Witness interview

Boris Z. answers on question: "YIU: When the Germans settled here, what happened to the Jews?
W: They were all gathered and shot without exception. There were two blacksmiths, a father and a son, who decided to stay because they thought that their craft would save them. However, he sent his wife and others children to the other bank of the Dniper River. Nevertheless, the Germans came and took them away. They were shot before my eyes. The Germans went straight ahead without paying attention if there were children around. They did not fear god or man." (Eyewitness N°1759, met in Tarashcha, on June 13, 2013 ).

German archives

“A mass grave was dug outside of the town. The Jews were brought there. They were forced to go and stand in line at the edge of the pit, facing the pit. Then, they were shot in the nape of the neck with a gun, so they would fall down directly into the pit. There was only one shooter who walked up and down firing the victims standing at the edge of the pit. As I remember, about 200 or 300 Jews were shot that day. Anyway, I don’t think there were less than 200.” [Deposition of Herbert R., an EK 5 member, made on January 30, 1961, B162-5226]

Historical note

Tarashcha is located 94 kilometers (58 miles) north of Uman. 1,140 Jews lived in the town, 13% of the total population, according to the 1939 census. The town was occupied by the German army on July 23, 1941.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

Shortly after the occupation of the town, the Jews were forced to wear armbands with the Star of David, were not allowed to buy food and were alleged to force labor. After, the ghetto was established on the Tarasha Street. The executions against the Jewish population were carried out by German security forces, SS “Wiking Division”, detachment of Einsatzgruppe, in occurrence Einsatzkommando 5 and local police. The execution of Jews started from the very first days of German occupation. Several executions were conducted The main Aktions took place in August, 1941 with 400 Jewish victims; on September 10, 1941, during which few hundred of Jews were killed; on November 9, 1941 was the liquidation of ghetto. Altogether up to 1,000 Jews were exterminated in Tarashcha between August and November 1941.


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