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/ Yahad team in front of the house of Olga D. © Miguel Maldonado –Yahad-In Unum Nina A., born in 1931, described public hangings of Jews and partisans as well as mass shootings. Jews, partisans and communists were shot all together in one grave © Miguel Maldonado –Yahad-In Unum Olga D., born in 1926, remembered the arrival of the Germans. She was subjected to forced labor and had to dig anti-tank trenches © Miguel Maldonado – Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Yelnya

2 Execution site(s)

Period of occupation:

Witness interview

Nikolay Ivanovich K. evokes: "We were brought to Yelnya, where there was a big camp, fenced off by three ranges of barbed wire. This camp was at the border of town." (Witness N°142, interviewed in Vyazma, on May 25, 2011).

Historical note

Yelnya is a village where 289 Jews used to live in 1939.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

The town was occupied from July 19, 1941 to September 6, 1943. In March 1942, 230 Jews were shot by German units.

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