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Execution of Jews in Gorki

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Gorki is located 60 kilometers away from Mogilev. Before the war, there was a Yiddish school and a Jewish department in the local agricultural institute. These two institutions closed in 1939. There were 2,031 Jews living in the village in 1939. The German occupation began on July 12, 1941.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

The anti-Jewish measures began in September 1941. Because of an accusation of sabotage, the Germans rounded up a dozen Jewish men. These men were brought by truck to the village of Bistroye and shot. On October 6, 1941, members of Einsatzkommando 8 arrived in Gorki and selected 16 men to dig 2 graves at “Belyy Ruchey” near the agricultural institute. 2,500 Jews, including 300 from Gorki, were asked to come with their valuables. They were then split into groups of 100 and led to the graves where they were ordered to get undressed before being shot with machine-guns. According to different sources, children from an orphanage were killed at the same site in 1942.

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