Marianivka | Odessa

Execution of Jews in Marianivka

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a pasture
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Entrevista del testigo

Witnesses interviewed: 3. (N°1270, 1271, 1272).Pavel F (N°1271): “The Jews had to leave their clothes somewhere and a cart brought them to another place. We could see three Germans with weapons. They oversaw the Jews, who had to get undressed. They were five shooters per group of five Jews every time. They shot them with a machine-gun, one bullet to the neck. The Germans shot them at a distance of 20 meters. There were two Jews in the grave. They had to arrange the corpses in the grave.”

Archivos soviéticos

“On March 10, 1942, 500 meters from the Menjinsky kolkhoze on the outskirts of the village of Marianivka, 800 Jews were shot by German settlers who came from Tartakaï. These 17 Germans killed them with machine-guns in groups of 100 people. The people were burned after the shooting.”

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