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Execution of Jews in Nemyriv

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Entrevista del testigo

Andrey K.: "It was the Jews themselves who brought the sick and weak ones down from the trucks and put them into the pit." (Witness N°1023, interviewed in August, 2010)

Archivos alemanes

"I know that people of Jewish nationality were systematically murdered. I knew the neighborhood of Nemyriv well. The camp held various Jews and quite a lot of Romanians in particular. At their arrival, we selected those who could work in the camp. Every old man, child or sick person was transported in trucks and dropped off around the cemetery. They were murdered there." [Testimony of Willi Ch., B162-6167]

Nota histórica

Nemyriv is acity located 40 kilometers  southeast of Vinnytsia. It is the birthplace of Rabbi Nahman of Braslav, the founder of Braslav Chasidism. According to the 1939 census, 3,001 Jews were living in the city (36.7 percent of the population). The city was under German occupation between 1941 and 1944.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

By September 1941, the German authorities set up a ghetto consisting of three narrow streets surrounded by barbed wire. Jews were put to work, constructing the road from Nemyriv to Gaysin, a segment of the key supply line, Durchgangsstrasse IV, DG IV. The first killing operation was carried out on November 24, 1941. In all, some 2,680 Jews were killed that day, in pits in the Polish cemetery. On June 26, 1942, the ghetto was liquidated. The Jews were driven into the synagogue, where 200 to 300 young and strong men and women were selected and sent to a labor camp. The rest, perhaps as many as 500, were shot behind the Polish cemetery in pits that had been dug in advance.

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